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Mogami Mic Cable


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High Quality Balanced MicrophoneCables

W2549 has been designed using our famous NeglexOFCto provide the highest quality audio reproduction in anyrecordingapplication. It features #22AWG conductors and extremelylowcapacitance. The 100% coverage served shield and twistedpairconstruction is excellent at preventing noise caused byelectromagneticinterference. This cable is recommended when extendedhigh frequenciesare important or where long cable runs may be needed.

Part No. W2549

105 Strand Broadcast Mic. Cable

Excellent for rugged remote and on stage useinSound Reinforcement, TV, Radio broadcasting etc. Its compactsizetogether with a heavy duty binder and filler system and abraidedshield make it ideal for all continuous handling applications.Exhibitsvery low microphonic pick - up and can operate at verycoldtemperatures down to -20°C (-4°F) without losingitsflexibility. 105 strands of 44AWG annealed bare copper featuresultraflexibility with extraordinary flex life, while maintainingexcellentstrength characteristics.

Part No. W2791

POLAR FLEX - Extreme TemperatureBalanced Microphone Cable

A superior quality, extremely durable yethighlyflexible microphone cable for demanding live and remotebroadcastapplications. Special TPE jacket maintains flexibility down tominus40°C (minus 40°F). The basic construction uses thesameexclusive 105-strands conductors and braided shield of ourexcellent2791 stage cable for extraordinary flex life and unmatchedsound.Available in black and white.

Low Cost High PerformanceMicrophone Cables

A specially developed high performanceyeteconomical series of low impedance balanced microphone cables.Thesecables are small in size and special rubber - like PVC jacketisextremely flexible and exhibits good resistance to rough handlingandabrasion.
High grade insulation material is designed to minimize heatshrinkageduring soldering which allows easy termination to XLR typeconnectors.Available in both overall and individually sheilded types.

Part No. W2552 & W2582

Superflexible Light Weight Mic. Cables With Overall Shield

Here is an extremely limp and flexible cable for all typesofaudio/visual and industrial audio applications. XLPE insulation andastrong rubber - like outer jacket makes this cable ideal whereadurable yet economical cable is needed.

Part No. W2447&W2435

SuperflexibleLightWeight Mic. Cables With Individual Shield

Lavalier Microphone Cables(Balanced)




These miniature microphone cablesfeaturenecessary mechanical strength (tensile strength and long flexlife) andflexibility for lavalier microphones and other applications.Allbalanced configuration. Part No. W3031 cable is exactlysameconstruction as Part No. W2697 cable except for shield structure.PartNo. W2697 cable is constructed with served (spiral) shield, whilePartNo. W3031 cable is constructed with braided shield. Part No. W2901isspecially designed with better tensile strength and longer flexlife,sacrificing some sound quality, and creating a slightly moredifficultsoldering job because of used copper-tin alloy conductor, thiscable ismechanically very strong and durable. Of couse, its cost ishigher.

Unbalanced Microphone Cables

These cables show Mogami's manufacturing and cable design expertiseincreating an economical unbalanced cables which maintainnecessarymechanical strength (tensile strength and long flex life)andflexibility for a microphone cable. Two overall diameter sizesareavailable with exactly the same construction.


MiniatureUnbalanced Mic. Cables

Designed for excellent sound in a compact unbalanced cable.Specialfillers inside the conductor yield mechanical strength that ismuchhigher than any comparable diameter cable without anyspecialcontrivance. Part No. W2368 cable has the same structure as PartNo.W2697 cable except for an unbalanced configuration.


Stereo Microphone Cables /Aerial Microphone Cables
#24AWGStereo Mic. Cable

Stereo microphone cable comprised of largerandmechanically stronger cores for those who need stereo wiring atstagerecording etc. to get rid of tangling problems. OD of each channelis4.8mm (0.189") to relieve any anxiety about mechanical strengthofseparated cores connected to each XLR 3P audio connectors whencomparedwith regular 2-core snake cable. This design of OFC conductorand lowcapacitance as regular size microphone cable assures the samereliablesound quality as MOGAMI #2549 mic cable level.
HighTensionAerial Mic. Cable

W3177 (Monaural)

W3178 (Stereo)

These cables are designed forsuspensionmicrophones reinforced by one stainless steel wire rope of830 N (187pounds) breakable weight for monaural type (Part No. W3177)and twosame size ropes for stereo type (Part No. W3178). Although thesoundquality is compromised a little (especially at high frequencyrange),they are all designed with quad (shielded four conductor)configurationfor wider applications (to provide strongerelectromagnetic noisecancellation).

Tube Microphone Cables


Specifically designed to be the highestsoundquality tube microphone cable based on the representativeelectricalcircuits of today's tube microphone including their powersupply.Applicable to most tube microphones.

Intercom Headset Extension Cable

Specifically designed for INTERCOM HEAD SETEXTENSION CABLE. Not sticking to quality of sound, this cableisdesigned to be compact, flexible, light weight and durablehandystructure for practical applications.

  • Independent two coaxial core constructionforbetter isolation between microphone signal and earphone signal.
  • Many strands of copper-tin alloyconductormaterial makes it durable cable without losing flexibility.
  • Compact round shape with smooth slipperysurfacemakes it really handy for practical applications.
  • Both bulk roll cable and standard lengthcableassemblies are available from stock.
Part No. W3242-00

Mogami Mic Cable





Mogami Mic Cable

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