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Belden 1350SB

Audio, Security & Speaker Wire

[Image: Belden 1350SB]

Belden 1350SB AES/EBU Digital Audio
1 Pair 24 AWG, LSZH Jacket
CMG-LS, Shipboard ABS
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Belden 1350SB 24 AWG 1 Pair Shipboard ABS Type, AES/EBU Digital Audio Cable - 1,000 ft Black

General Description

Belden 1350SB - 24 AWG stranded (7x32) tinned copper conductors, Datalene® insulation, twisted pairs, overall Beldfoil® shield (100% coverage), 24 AWG drain wire, LSZH jacket.

Suitable Applications

Shipboard, ABS, Digital Audio, Analog Audio, Low Capacitance, Low Cap, Instrumentation, Control, EIA RS-232, EIA RS-422, EIA RS-485

Belden 1350SB
Audio, Security & Speaker Wire




BELDEN 1350SB Shipboard AES/EBU Digital Audio Cable 1 FS PR 24 AWG FHDP

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