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A2D Solutions A2D-3C14S-SJT

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to Belden 19364 RF Shielded
Power Cable -  250 ft Spool
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Belden 19364 RF Shielded Power Cable - EQUIVALENT A2D-3C14S-SJT - 250 ft Spool - $495

Our model A2D-3C14S-SJT cable is the functional Equivalent to the Belden 19364 Sheilded Power cord.

This SJT 3-conductor 14 AWG wire is flexible and easy to work with. The A2D-3C14S-SJT standard version PVC jacket is actually a bit harder and more durable than the Belden 19364 jacket.

This SJT type cable is water and oil resistent up to 60° C. Its 100% foil sheild greatly reduces or eliminates RF and impulse noise, making it an excellent choice for audio-video equipment such preamps, audio amplifiers, digital home theatre and all high end audio applications. This cable may be used in conjunction with Wattgate or Marinco Hospital Grade IEC plugs for even better performance.


1.0 Conductor: 14 AWG (41/40) Bare Copper; OD: .073 Nom.
2.0 Insulation: PVC ; .032 wall ; OD: .139" Nom.
3.0 Color Code: Lt. Blue, Brown, Green/Yellow
4.0 Fillers: Jute fillers
5.0 Drain Wire: 20 AWG (7/28) Tinned Copper
6.0 Outer Shield: Aluminum/Polyester Tape; 100% shield ( alum side-in)
7.0 Jacket: .042 Wall; PVC; Color: Black OD: .400" Nom.
8.0 Marking Surface printed: A2D SOLUTION P/N: 3C14S SJT SHIELDED

B. Electrical and Mechanical Characteristics:
1.0 Conductor DCR: 2.5 Ohm/Kft Nom.
2.0 Shield DCR: 10.3 Ohm /Kft Nom. (ref. drain wire)
3.0 Temp. & Voltage Ratings: 60°C / 300 Volts Max.

C. Compliance: Lead Free, RoHS and UL Standard 62 Compliance

A2D Solutions A2D-3C14S-SJT




Belden 19364 RF Shielded Power Cable - EQUIVALENT A2D-3C14S-SJT - 250 ft Spool

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